Thursday, 12 April 2012

Meaty Morals

So, I'm chilling at home making the most of the Easter holidays and watching some top quality TV namely, Come Dine with Me. Whilst I realise a reality show involving people hosting dinner parties and trying to win a grand may not be the most obvious place for a moral dilemma the particular episode I watched did make me think and raised some interesting questions about our relationship with food and in particular, meat.

I am a fully fledged omnivore and make no bones about it (excuse the pun). I have dabbled in vegetarianism in the past but I really couldn't manage any more than a month before I was craving me some bacon. I see the arguments for vegetarianism and I do try to have at least one day a week where I eat no meat at all, however, I also feel that if you choose to eat meat you must accept that it is meat and you are eating an animal. This episode of Come Dine with Me in particular detailed a woman struggling to eat some chicken wings because they reminded her too much of it being a chicken. Um?! It seems a complete contradiction in terms and utter hypocrisy to eat meat if you cannot face the fact that the food on your plate was once running around in a field or pecking at some corn in a barn. I personally would quite happily catch an animal, kill it an cook it (BBC Three eat your heart out- excuse the pun), admittedly this may be difficult living in South London, nonetheless, the principle remains the same, if you want to eat it, accept it was once a living thing or become a veggie.

So although watching crappy TV may not be the best starting point to trigger a discussion about our relationships with the food chain, it does raise some interesting points, if you eat meat you eat animals. End of.

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